Coconut Fibre White

Green coconuts, harvested after about six to 12 months on the palm, it’s contain pliable white fibres. The immature huskar suspended in an exceedingly stream or water-filled pit for up to 10 months. During this point, click here More at micro-organisms break down the plant tissues surrounding the fibres to loosen them, this process known as retting. The Segments of the huskar then crushed by hand to filter the long fibres that later dried and clean. Cleaned fibre is prepared for spinning into yarn using a easy one-handed system or a spinning machine. Once any remaining salts are leached out of the fiber pith, it and therefore the coco-chips become appropriate substrates for cultivating fungi. Coir is of course wealthy in metallic element, which might result in Mg and Ca deficiencies in soilless agriculture media.

High resistance against salty water and normal waterproof has made this fiber an ideal choice for making different eco friendly products like doormats, brushes, and mattresses.We provide Coir Fiber that is free from 2-3% pith, roots, etc.